Innovative Diagnostics – Hong Kong


Dr Nelson Nheu
Chief Executive Officer Innovative Diagnostics Hong Kong
It is with great pleasure that we welcome Dr. Nelson Nheu as our new Chief Executive Officer of Innovative Diagnostics Hong Kong. He comes to us with a prolific and impressive background. Dr. Nheu worked as a Senior Registrar at the John Fawkner Private Hospital and did his residency at The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Australia. He then obtained his MBA from Melbourne Business School. Following this he co-founded Integrated Healthcare Consulting in Melbourne in which he worked with the University of Melbourne and The Australian Department of Health and Ageing to conduct a review of General Practice Clinics and Emergency Departments. Dr Nheu was then responsible for a number of successful international greenfield enterprises based in Venezuela and Mexico.


Innovative Diagnostics Hong Kong commenced its operation in June 2015. Dr Nelson Nheu, Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong, is very excited about the prospect of building a world class laboratory in the heart of Hong Kong. Dr. Nheu is now following his passion in the medical arena and looks forward to successfully establishing Innovative Diagnostics in Hong Kong.The laboratory is based in the centre of Hong Kong in the prestigious New World Tower. The sleek and modern laboratory is located in the heart of the Medical Specialists area. With an amazing technical and client services team we are set to conquer new markets and horizons.


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