Singapore Innovative Childrens Festival 2013

Singapore Innovative Children's Festival
Produced by Innovative Diagnostic


To celebrate and support learning through play for children and their families, Abbott Nutrition and Innovative Diagnostics in partnership with the National Library Board, were pleased to launch the Singapore Innovative Children’s Festival 2013.

The festival showcased over 100 amazing and creative programmes over one week that will nurture children’s creativity and imagination acknowledging the value and importance of arts in education and life-learning. Targeting children from 7 months to 12 years of age, the festival  showcased an international line-up of programmes to nurture childrens’ creativity and imagination, such as international theatre shows, contemporary dance, robot building workshops, innovative reading programmes and parenting seminars.

The events took place at multiple locations across Singapore including the National Library Building, public and regional libraries and the Drama Centre. All events are heavily discounted due to the auspice of sponsors as part of their corporate social responsibility and commitment to giving back to the communities they serve.

Hui Hwa Koh-Minjoot

Regional General Manager , Abbott Nutrition International

Abbott Nutrition Gain IQ is proud to support the SICF which promises to be a most exciting and dynamic event for young people and their families – a first of its kind. Taking inspiration from the Prime Minister’s 2013 New Year Message, this inaugural festival is in direct support of the government’s new initiatives in education and promoting a child- friendly community. Our support underscores our belief in the importance of creative play in the development and well-being of young children. These international shows and programmes have been heavily subsidised, with many that are free, to ensure that all Singaporeans can enjoy the arts! I encourage everyone to take this special educational opportunity to build your child’s creativity whilst having fun!

 Dr. Christopher Ting

Chief Executive Officer, Innovative Diagnostics

Innovative Diagnostics is delighted to bring “innovative” play to our Singapore community. We believe in the total wellbeing of children not only from a medical physical perspective but also from a mental standpoint. No-one can dispute that positive and purposeful play enhances a child’s well-being. Our participation is a reflection of our commitment to supporting quality arts and well-being programmes for all Singaporeans. Even adults can learn a lot from play! For one week the Festival will feature amazing and totally “Innovative” works that celebrate young people’s curiosity and creativity. To that end we look forward to seeing all families partake in this wonderful festival! As they say “laughter is the best medicine”.

Tay Ai Cheng

Assistant Chief Executive Oficer, Public Libraries Services Group, National Library Board

The National Library Board is glad to be part of the inaugural Singapore Innovative Children’s Festival. From thematic interactive storytelling sessions to a life-sized robot’s visit from the future, this exciting line-up of programmes at our libraries is sure to delight and ignite the imagination of children of all ages. For our young visitors, this special Reading Passport not only serves as their guide to the SICF activities, but also provides recommended reads that will keep them entertained during the June school holidays. Have fun at the libraries!

Lela H McGregor

Creative Producer, Singapore Innovative Children’s Festival

Director of Marketing & Community Engagement, Innovative Diagnostics

It has been a thrill to put together such an amazing programme of theatre, dance, music, workshops, innovative reading programmes and parent seminars. There is something for everyone. The Festival has unique and interactive experiences designed to bring young families together through the arts. This fresh and contemporary approach is not only educational but devised to inspire every child and parent in Singapore to enjoy the Arts everyday. Play is the ultimate vehicle for children to explore creativity. The programme celebrates the curiosity of young people. Don’t miss out and see how glorious “play” can be. I hope you have an absolute blast!


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