Our Privacy Policy

Innovative Diagnostics (HK) Private Limited. (“IDHK”) continues to support the individual’s right to data protection and pledges its full commitment to compliance with Hong Kong’s Private statutory requirements.

This document serves to codify IDHK’s privacy policy and aims to explain in clear terms what this means to all parties that engage our services.

Commitment to Privacy
IDHK has a designated Quality Manager who is responsible for ensuring that our organization remains in total compliance with our Privacy Policy. This officer not only ensures that our organization fulfils any regulatory obligations, but more importantly ensures that the spirit of the legislation, and its guiding principles are respected and abided by.

We respect each individual’s right to privacy. Individuals may deal with IDHK anonymously where it is lawful and reasonably practicable.

Preservation of Secrecy
IDHK takes the confidentiality of an individual’s personal information extremely seriously. As such, we have invested significant resources into ensuring that all personal data is securely contained and only accessible by parties who would reasonably require such information.

What, Why and How
Personal data that may be collected by IDHK includes the following
• Name
• Date of birth
• Gender
• Race
• Occupation
• Address (postal and email)
• Telephone numbers
• Health fund and health insurance cover details
• Medical history, test results and other health information
• Other information necessary for other functions and activities
• Emergency contact person

IDHK collects an individual’s personal data for the following purposes
• Administrative record keeping and for regulatory purposes as the case may be
• To provide context in interpreting diagnostic test results so that the individual’s healthcare provider may decide on the best course of treatment and counselling for the individual
• To contact the individual to provide further information and counselling in special cases
• To continuously monitor and improve the quality of our service
• Where required by law

How IDHK collects personal data:
• Test request forms received from an individual’s healthcare provider
• Any correspondence regarding an individual’s diagnostic tests whether with the individual or his/her healthcare provider
• From an individual’s family, where it is reasonable to do so
• From the individual’s employer, insurer or any other party that has requested the tests on behalf of the individual
• Other sources where it is reasonable to do so

What we do with your personal data
Maintenance and disclosure

All personal data is kept within a secured database protected by encryption technology. This data is used when issuing test reports and in any other communication with an individual’s healthcare provider(s) and guides them in prescribing the most appropriate form of treatment and counselling for the individual. IDHK may also disclose an individual’s personal data in the following situations:
• Where patient samples have to be referred to other reference laboratories within Singapore
• Where patient samples have to be referred to partner laboratories abroad (for novel tests for which there are no testing capabilities available domestically)
• Disclosure to next of kin or guardian when the individual is incapable of doing so unless the individual has requested otherwise
• For management of administrative functions such as to create invoices, and making insurance claims
• Legislative and regulatory compliance where it is required by law.
• In response to orders of a Court or tribunal or when preparing the defense for anticipated or existing legal proceedings

Contacting us
• We are pleased to invite all queries from individuals regarding their personal data. Please email us at the following email address with your query and we will do our best to address your queries as soon as possible. Please address to our CEO -Nelson.nheu@innovativelab.com.hk



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